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You and your pooch Do Not want to miss out on the Ugly Sweater party this holiday season! This tacky DIY dog sweater will let your dog join in on all the holiday fun and keep him or her warm as well! 

Addie Brands is bringing you a Limited Edition Ugly Sweater Kit for Pups, so our pooches can join in the Ugly fun!

Each kit includes:

  • 1 Addie Brands Super Soft Hoodie (Red)
  • 1 Mystery pack filled with decal pins and festive foam stickers (Removable decal pins will vary with every package)

The best thing about our kit is that your pup can wear the hoodie throughout the winter since the decorations are removable! The interior of the fabric has been brushed for added softness and a plush feel, which is great for snuggling throughout the year! We only have a limited amount available, so get them while they last!


Disclaimer: An assortment of removable pins are available, your package my not come with the decal pins that are shown in the photo. Some assembly is required *double sided tape may be required for the additional items that do not come with brooch pin. 

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